A Vision Without a Plan Is Just An Idea

Why creat a Vision Board?

  • Identify your vision and give it clarity.

  • Reinforce your daily affirmations.

  • Keep your attention on your intentions.

We all hear the same old story "A new year, a new me!!". Half a month later your gym membership with all its good intentions begins to gather spider webs.

There is such power in creating a Vision Board. It is like a real life Pintrest. When I have a lot of things on my mind or things to do, I write a list with a box next to it so i can tick the item off the list. Similar to a shopping list. You go into a super market and walk around without purpose. Next of all you forget what you actually needed. With a list you can go in, go to the aisle the item is in and get out as efficiently as possible.

If you have it in your head, it can become lost in the mud of your own mind. It can become overwhelming. But writing them down helps you to achieve it with single mindedness.

You can be as realistic or as ridiculous as you like. It can be materialistic, simplistic, or whatever you want.


- Poster Board, Cork Board, Pin Board, White board etc

- Images - from magazines, google images, anything you wish. Your mind responds strongly to visual stimulation.

- Pen, marker, thumb tacks, tape (depends on what board you have)

- Your own goals and honesty

Here is the idea/layout I use so maybe it could help you with yours.

Firstly, have a piece of paper and pen and write down anything that comes to your mind. Little buzzwords. Do this over the next day or two. Collect images that represent your idea/goal (i.e. a car or a peaceful picture).

Once you have all your ideas, pictures and goals, begin to write it down on your board. Keep it neat. There is power in simplicity and clarity. If it is cluttered and chaotic it can quickly become as muddy as what was in your head! Glue or tack the images to the board. Once it is done, hang it up in a place that you will see it everyday.

- I feel that using “WHY?” beside my goal. Using the word “why” can help you remind yourself as to why you want whatever it is and it can keep you focused.

I break it up with day to day things and then expand it out to the year ahead. Small steps big goals.

Day to day things would be personal things like meditation, self acceptance, self kindness. I feel when I am kind to myself I can be kinder to everyone else around me. I don’t mean that I go out and buy myself something each day. I broaden it out further after that. Things like fitness goals, relationship goals, family goals, buying a house, clinic goals and expanding it, what I want to study next etc etc. It is personal to you, so you don’t need to copy mine!!

I would suggest that have your screen saver/desktop as one of your goals/ideas. I would also suggest to type/write it down in a smaller version and place it in your pocket. If you are in a Q or feeling a lack of motivation, you can take it out and read it so that you can remind yourself as to why you are doing it.

Using a Goals Board or a Vision Board is like a personal contract. If you haven't used one before, I strongly advise you to try it out.

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